Thursday, 16 August 2012

It's golden

Hi all :) I'm back once again with this great release from erratic. The blouse and leather pants are both brilliant mesh and fit the avatar figure perfectly.
Now you'll probably never see me again in gold jewellery, but the gold zips on these pants inspired me to match the rest of the outfit gold aswell and I have to admit I liked it!

Shape - Grace Silverweb Tattoos & Shapes - Sold on SL Marketplace here Shape 03 NEW!!
Blouse - erratic amy silk blouse *MESH*
Pants - erratic zoey leather pants *MESH*
Hair - !lamb. Gemini *MESH*
Earrings - By Ryca Doobie - HOOP-DE PLATINUM - Sold on marketplace here
Necklace - [MANDALA] Onigiri Necklace
Bracelet - [EY:NO] Mess Bangles
Watch - [MANDALA]
Ring - [MANDALA] Anuttra
Piercings - <-Puncture-> Cyberbites (Gemstone), Dermal Gemstones (Clavicle), Eye Piercing (inner & outer) studs.

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