Saturday, 18 May 2013

Look #191

Hi all :) I'm back! Sorry for the delay... I hope you've been doing loads n loads of shopping! I know I will be now.
You know... something I've noticed... It's kind of flattering when you see someone copying you or copying your blog. I don't mind atall, it's a good thing. But you'd think that person could drop their pride for just a moment and contact me... forget the past...

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[] Body

Shape - [GS Designs] Shape 03 SL Marketplace
Hair - =Dela*= Scarlett *MESH* NEW!

[] Clothes

Top - *BAIASTICE* Lari Halter Neck Top *MESH* NEW! The Liaison Collaborative
Skirt - *BAIASTICE* Didi Skirt *MESH* NEW! The Liaison Collaborative 

[] Accessories 

Eye Piercings - <-Puncture-> Eye Piercing (inner & outer) studs
Nose Piercing - .Pekka. Mysterious (edited)
Navel Piercing - <-Puncture-> Navel Piercing 
Bracelets -[EY:NO] Mess Bangles
iPhone - [ Z U L U ] iPhone 5 Pink *MESH*
Necklace - [ glow studio ] Crosses Collier NEW!
Hands - Slink Mesh hands *MESH* 
Shades - [SteinWerk] Aviator Sunglasses  

[] Footwear

Shoes - celoe Jacqualine *MESH* NEW!

[] Pose

Pose - * Purple Poses * 358 

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