Sunday, 21 September 2014

Look #278

Hi girls :)
Ok so the long awaited Belleza mesh body is finally here! It's for sale in the mainstore now. Kinda pricey but i'm telling you, totally worth every penny. I've taken some raw shots today and haven't done any editing of the body at all to give you a real idea of how it looks. I have to say, I'm in love. Apart from it looking sooo much smoother and just nicer altogether, it's gonna be a god send for bloggers like me! No more smoothing out pointy elbows, knees and boobs :)

Skin - The HUD is just brilliant. You can easily match the skin tone of the body to just about any of your face skins.
Hands/Feet - I'm wearing the normal Belleza compatible body which comes with Belleza's own hands and feet. However, there is a slink compatible option if you wanted to keep your slink body parts attached, though I don't really see any need as the Belleza hands and feet come with the same, if not more options as the slink ones do. You can change the position of each individual hand into a number of gestures... and both feet and hands have nail shape, length and colour options.
Clothing/Tattoo layers - The HUD features clothing and tattoo layers for all parts of the body, turned on and off with just one simple click.
Alphas - The alpha section of the HUD is good. You can toggle off small individual areas of the body or you can directly select larger areas of the body that you want to show/hide. I've tried this with my mesh clothing and it seems to work ok for some things. However, until the creators start making their rigged mesh with the Belleza body kits (which hopefully shouldn't be long), it's gonna be tricky to get mesh clothing to fit right.
Boobs/Nipples - There's a specific section in the HUD for boob options, allowing you to change the natural look boobs to push up with cleavage if that's what you like, and you can also choose from a wide range of nipple textures. The boobs are actually my favourite part of this mesh body. The shape of them is just lovely with a really realistic look. The size can easily be reduced or increased using the same edit appearance method you always did before.

Altogether it's just a really great body and I will definitely be wearing it from now on and investing in some fitted mesh clothing to go with it :)

[] Body 

Mesh Body - Belleza Venus Classic NEW!
Ears - [MANDALA] Taper Ears
Hair - Little Bones. Rusted Aero NEW! @ Kustom9 

[] Clothes 

Underwear - Belleza Included with mesh body NEW! 

[] Footwear 

Sandals - JD Included with Belleza mesh body NEW!

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