Saturday, 11 April 2015

Look #295

So Collabor88 has started again and as usual I was super excited! As I am with most events, being the shopaholic that I am :)
Is it just me or does anyone else find themselves being driven to continous shopping in SL these days? Maybe I've just been in SL for too long but I feel like there's nothing new and exciting to do... so I shop :D And I bloody enjoy it too!

So anyway... onto the credits :)

[] Body 

Mesh body - Belleza Venus Classic
Hair - Little Bones. Gods & Monsters

[] Clothes 

Dress - Emery Cherie Dress NEW! @ Collabor88
Jacket - Emery Joan Denim Jacket NEW! @ Collabor88

[] Accessories 

Necklace - (Yummy) Small Crystal Choker Necklace

[] Footwear 

Boots - fri. Juliette Boots NEW! @ Collabor88

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