Saturday, 25 January 2014

Look #255

Hi people :) I'm back with another post. This one features the new Vaporizer from [NikotiN] at the event Project Limited It's a pretty cool alternative to cigs and comes with an awesome HUD to allow swift movement from hand to mouth, looking really realistic. I've always loved the cigs from [NikotiN] so was excited to see them at the project limited event.
Also some new stuff from >TRUTH< and JD

This post is inspired by my mood tonight... Recently I fell into some bad company on SecondLife and learned the hard way that there's some people who are always just gonna try and bring you down. They nearly succeeded for me, until I paused to think about what real relationships I have in SL and realised that it's not worth letting myself be treated any less than I deserve. So here's to the haters, not worth my time :)
Click the image to view in better quality on my flickr
[] Body 

Shape - [GS Designs] Shape 02 SL Marketplace SALE!
Hair - >TRUTH< Rowan NEW!
Hands - Slink Mesh hands
Nails - -UtopiaH-
Tattoo - .: TAOX :. Tibetan Lotus Essence
Teeth - [whatever] Teeth

[] Clothes 

Top - Blueberry Paige Tied Buttoned Shirt NEW!
Jeans - [Cynful] Skinny Jeans 

[] Accessories 

Eye Piercings - <-Puncture-> Eye Piercing (inner & outer) studs
Collarbone Piercings - <-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants 
Nose Piercing - .Pekka. Mysterious (edited)
Lip Piercing - .Pekka Kmile Piercing (edited)
Necklace - <-Puncture-> Zodiac Necklace
Rings - [7891.] Poly
Vaporizer - [NikotiN] Vapor NEW! @ Project Limited

[] Footwear

Shoes - JD New Lux NEW! with JD MyFeet Tip Toe Sold Separately

[] Pose

Pose - {pose maniacs} Carien NEW!

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